About Me

I regard myself as a Pharmacist and audacious thinker. I am humorous, and somewhat introverted. I love clear writing and speaking. I am currently based in Abuja Nigeria. My mission in life is to understand, to create and to be happy. My vision is to Relieve, to Empower and to Enlighten. Of course, these lofty ideals will not be actualized without an avenue to effectively reach out to others_hence the need for this blog. Continuous Self development is also important for me to deliver satisfactorily. With your support, we will build a win-win community.

You can reach me via any of the following:

Phone: +2348134160004
E-mail: plutoniccitizen@gmail.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/Nwaezekwesiri
Twitter: @Ezekwesirisblog


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