Monday, September 25, 2017

Trees, Soil, Ocean

trees, soil, ocean, climate change, environment
It is silly to demand more from Mother Nature without giving her the time and space to recover…

Trees: Their roots hold the soil together, even avert land erosion. Their leaves and branches temper the fury of the winds into soft whisper; You can see them dance in delight... They provide the clean air we breathe…, the food we eat (fuel to keep us going), the aesthetics, the basis of what we call agriculture, and sinks for greenhouse emissions…. 
Trees ward off the daggers of the sun and provide medicine to fight man’s infirmity. They provide paper for us to document our existence.

Their remains feed the soil; upon the later, we plant our feet and cash crops, build our skyscrapers, mine all minerals, and assemble all implements. 

The ocean feeds the trees. The air that you breathe, the winds that you feel , the water you drink, the food you eat; the currents that keep you warm/cool, powers your toys, generators, industries, floats your vessels, wows your eyes (even the storms that you dread)… — all come from, or are transported by, the ocean. I forgot to mention, the fossil fuel that man used to hurt the environment…

I’m not recounting the woes of climate change. All I’m saying is that we are withdrawing more than we are replacing. this is occurring at such a rapid pace that we do not allow the system time to renew itself. Our generation is going bankrupt, as our environmental debt piles up. Our children may not be able to pay them…   

Think twice before you cut that tree, dump that waste, turn that switch, or perhaps, use that thing!  Why? Because we’ve crossed the limit of what nature can take. Never forget that the earth can do without us, but we cannot do without the earth.  

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