Sunday, June 18, 2017

The green Bullet

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I’m going to dabble a bit into the health and nutrition terrain, though I’m no expert. This post is by no means exhaustive. I urge you to research further and make contributions. Let’s learn from each other.

 “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a popular rhetoric in nutrition circles... Do you agree with me that a bite off a clean Hundred-naira apple on a frequent basis can save millions of naira devoured by cancer...?  N.B: I’m not saying doctors are not supposed to smile to the bank...

Many people feel the magic bullet is silver, maybe gold. But I aver, ''the magic bullet is green in color''... At any rate, it kills the malady silently, and fixes the body softly. The body is so fond of green, as if it has always been a part of it.

Here is a bullet-point appraisal of my favorite fruits which are widely consumed in Nigeria: GUAVA, WATER MELON, GREEN APPLE, AVOCADO, and CUCUMBER

  • The above fruits are helpful for those who want to lose weight without fasting. They treat you well with proteins, complex carbs and vitamins without having to make you swell for it. Thanks to fiber which fills you faster. 
  • The high level of dietary fiber present in these fruits help regulate the absorption of sugar in the body, which decreases the fluctuations in insulin and glucose. That’s a bold plus for those grappling with diabetes.
  • The fruits above are rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that lowers the prostate cancer risk. A Cheering fact for the elderly men.
  • Guava contains more vitamin C than oranges. Vitamin C is known to boost immunity against common infections.
  • The astringents in guava are alkaline in nature and have anti-bacterial properties. They help cure dysentery by inhibiting microbial growth and removing extra mucus from the intestines.
  • The fruits help reduce bad cholesterol. They ultimately lower resistance to blood flow through the blood vessels. That has a favorable effect on blood pressure; a boon indeed for hypertensive patients.
  • Water melon is fat-free, very low in sodium and has only minimal calories. Those with cardiovascular/weight problems can have a massive bite without any qualms.
  • Water melon contains citrulline, a precursor to another amino acid_ arginine. These amino acids enhance blood flow, which is good for the heart and blood vessels, perhaps the male organ!
  • The fruits are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants like carotene which help protect the skin from premature ageing. Guavas are a great source of Vitamin K, which helps remove skin discoloration and rashes.  A guava a day, keeps the wrinkles away! They say. The other fruits repel wrinkles as well. Lycopene shields the skin from harmful UV rays, so that the skin can age slowly and gracefully. Cosmetic-minded ladies wish the skin not to age at all…
  • The fruits are good sources of vitamin A which is popular for eye health. It can also help slow down the emergence of cataracts in high risk individuals.
  • Watermelon and Cucumber are very rich in electrolytes and water content. A meal with either would still keep you hydrated even though a glass of water is at large.
  • Virtually all the fruits are low in sodium and high in potassium. That’s a good combo for knocking down blood pressure in patients with hypertension. Avocados are very high in potassium, surpassing those of bananas.
  •  Avocados help to overcome nausea and queasiness during pregnancy since it contains vitamin B6, which is linked to reduction in nausea and vomiting.
  • Avocado helps relieve Arthritis due to the anti-inflammatory property of its flavonoids, carotenoids, phytosterols, fatty alcohols, and omega-3 fatty acids (Don't mind my greek).
  • The Fiber in these fruits helps to slow the breakdown of food into usable sugars, so it is absorbed by the body in a more balanced way. 
  • Avocado carbs are simply stingy with glucose which is a good thing.
  • Antioxidants neutralize the effects of free radicals, which are the dangerous byproducts of cellular metabolism. Oxidative damage is responsible for multiple diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, vision problems, premature aging, cognitive disorders etc. STRESS CHURNS OUT FREE RADICALS; ANTIOXIDANTS QUENCHES IT. You'll find the antioxidants inside the green bullet.

Shun junk food. Instead, go have a bite of healthy fruit. After all, it’s for your own good.

Thank you for reading my post