Saturday, June 10, 2017

Aurora (The revived Story)

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 It was a humid but hot night
When I touched outside
Four miles away to be precise
After seeing a documentary on global warming

  Slivers of yellow light fly off broken iron
As it slid through a jet of ignited ethyne
This sight was pristine
Thus, I strolled to the scene
...the showers of light recede
Like stage curtains..., to reveal
A blurred outline of a man
Wearing gloves and protective mask,
And wielding a welders torch
   I relished the colors on display
Since they were at large during the day
Back home, it seemed strange:
A welder working at night
Before today, I overlooked his stand

   My mind was adrift...
Beyond memory's reach
So, I commit ordeal to ink and plain sheet 
I guess it had some lessons to teach

   I was dumped in the Arctic Circle
By the angel Imagination
I was in the spirit
Like John in Patmos
I don't intend to deliver sermon
I am not a priest

   I shift my gaze to the skies
A shimmer of light revealed itself
To my poor unaided eyes
Like an unfolding scroll
To be precise:
It was a blanket of green blue emissions
From the periodic elements 
That sustains life beneath...
All the spectra of white light
Made their mark, in curtain folds
...symmetric... and moving with rhythm in it...

 It was odd I felt warm
The ice I long trampled on,
Was dripping with tears
As I looked ahead,
I hoped it wouldn’t turn to blood
   ...Two sheriffs emerge in snow mobiles
That is powered by hot tempers of fuel
They said I was a trespasser (wrong)
I forgot: imagination has no boundaries whatsoever!
It was weird to them
An African standing side-by-side with Eskimo...
I was deported back to Nigeria
The Niger delta to be precise...
   The waves of militancy seem to abate there
The kinsmen finally reap oil
For all their wish and toil
But there was a problem:
The rest of the world is recovering
From the ill consequences of oil glut
But the creeks here are polluted
And the engineers lit gas flares here and there
As if to announce to the world
Disaster has come!  

   However, environmentalists still campaign
In favor of clean emissions
On a planet where climate change
Has already taken its toll
Dirty carbon and its allies...are members of greenhouse family
They are not environmentally friendly;
They keep drilling the layer of ozone
Forcing the earth to burn like charcoal
...the ozone layer: life's sunscreen...
   In light of the above warning, plus discussions
About finding solutions to oil addiction;
Converting oil to green substances that are Eco-friendly
(Instead of lighting matches to it!),
People’s ears are blocked by pop music

   On a fateful day of spring equinox
Rainy season to be precise
Light and darkness fought…
The season’s antics become paradox...
The sky turned black
Being poisoned by sooth
Babies were choking to death
Cancer was becoming rampant
Chaos spread like wild fire
It wasn’t rocket science to figure out:
Clean emissions make the earth green
And black emissions devour everything!

Aurora lives in the atmosphere
Around earths poles
Where the ozone just above
Have little or no holes
...where the elements
Lining the zenith of the sky
Are so clean as to produce lights
That changed my life for the better
   Accounts rendered by arctic fellas
About Aurora Borealis
Would make many want to flee
But see: it didn’t hurt a black man like me!
Even in the dream....

I woke up from the 'knock out'...
Finding myself in a hospital bed
Beside a welder
‘‘Please weld my broken nerves together'', I said
...''a slip of tongue, I quickly added''
Everyone in the ward burst out laughing!!! 

***Thank you for reading my post***

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