Friday, May 5, 2017

Tribute to my beloved mother

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My father did his best, but you did the most. You raised me from cradle to manhood; watched me lovingly as I grew up to carve my path in life. Our bond was strong, though not perfect. The road was bumpy sometimes, but the journey was sweet nonetheless. Thank you Mother: you rounded the toughest laps in life’s marathon, handing me the baton, from the point where I wouldn’t have to run much in order to pass it on in a victorious fashion.

You made me so proud. In return, I’m doing my very best to make you proud too. With pen in hand and tears in my eyes, I am wondering if you are still here to notice. At our home where we used to sit and merrily gist…, I behold your shiny legacy everywhere I look, even on the inside too! You are vivid and alive, just like your towering legacy. I am home with you everywhere I roam.  

The lessons I learned from my relationship with my mother (of blessed memory):

Your parent’s legacy could be the silver cord that winds up becoming your lifeline. 

Kids don’t need perfect parents, but honest and caring parents. Parents: truthfully tell your children what you stand for and what the world means to you. Remind them that you are not superhuman. Remind them that they have a role to play in protecting your worthy legacy and bettering your imperfections. Encourage them to hold their heads high, and think for themselves when they grow up.  Tell them never to forget where they came from.

Reach out to your noble dreams. In the process of reaching out, become catalysts for the advancement of humanity on this fragile planet of ours.

Love can thrive in stark diversity. For example, my mother loved me, though my views about life differed a great deal from hers. I loved her back.

Everyone is weird; few have the guts to express it. Nobody is absolutely normal, but many [anyway] have perfected the art of pretending to be normal. 

Appreciate your parents, even though they are villains. You would not have existed, had they not met each other.

Being prepared for tragedy (for example, losing a loved one) doesn’t mean you are pessimistic. Meanwhile, show love to somebody NOW when that person is alive (It is one of the best tributes you can give). It would mean nothing to them when they’re gone. 

It is really funny that it is hard to notice that you’re growing old…

The integral of diversity is family; the differential of family is diversity. This means that we are all connected somehow.

The most basic unit of society may not be family. it may be INTERESTS.

It isn’t just uniformity and conformity that defines family, but understanding and unity in diversity.

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