Saturday, May 13, 2017

Let the Youths lead

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For the future to have a brighter outlook, the young must have some edge over the old. After all, the child is the father of the man. 

To what extent are Nigerian youths engaged in making decisions that could affect Nigeria's future?

Current statistics indicate Nigeria has a youthful population of about 80millon which is about 60 percent of her population. The youths are receiving the most impact from the hard fall in the country's fortunes. No thanks to corruption and recession. Tonye Isokariari on behalf of Green Nigeria (an NGO) noted that “The combination of institutionalized youth exclusion, poverty, illiteracy, lack of equal access to opportunities and frustration with bad governance have conspired against the emergence of qualified and competent Nigerian youths in politics and governance." I concur with that standpoint.
Until now, I used to think the elders are to be blamed for the pains of our beloved nation.  However, the major fraction of the electorate is made up of the teeming youths. So, I inferred they are responsible for the current state of this country. They are the sleeping giants who chose to remain silent in the face of injustice and corruption. If we are not an asset, we are definitely a liability... 

Nigerian youths must know that it is never wrong to contest any elective position in this country. They must begin to move from being used as mercenaries by old bloated cats (the political class, I’m told) to participating actively in politics. Only through that will this country attain the desired social, economic and political development.  Political parties in the country should give room for youths to run for some political office. The Notion, among the aged political class, that the youths are incapable of leadership in Nigeria is silly. The newly elected 39-year old French president would laugh at that for sure...

It is ironic the future leaders are not looking beyond the present. The current youths are guilty of shallow thinking and misplaced priorities. This, added to our indifference toward how this country is being governed, makes corruption blossom. The government must realize that if we sneeze (in concert), the whole country catches cold. The Nigerian youths, properly empowered and united, can knock out the monster called corruption [reminds me of Anthony Joshua]. I feel the elders of this country have tired legs and cotton fists (some minds are willing, though). 

If the youths fail to spearhead a bloodless revolution, I’m afraid we may have to settle for a bloody revolution. Nobody wants that! Yes the future belongs to the youths, theoretically; it does not belong to the old potbellied (hypertensive) politicians. We have to fight hard to secure it, in practice, as there is no progress without a struggle. In fact, the old cargoes would happily remain in power, if we let them. Corruption cannot withstand focused and sustained assault by the youths of Nigeria (purposeful uprising). The problem lies in the fact that the youths are disjointed in the fight against corruption, and they are divided further by nepotism, religion, partisan politics, ethnicity etc. Nigerian youths must ignore crippling attitudes such as political thuggery, drug abuse, violence, tribalism and other social vices capable of disrupting her progress.

WE must source for a vibrant, organized and politically astute individual from WITHIN to rescue Nigeria’s future from the hands of corrupt leaders. 2019 is a good place to start in terms of sparking up a revolution of youth leadership. Do we want THIS badly enough...? Time will tell. The lesser the deference, the better for us in terms of actualizing this aspiration. Failure spells DOOM for Nigeria.

It is important to note that the change agenda echoed by the current government would not be actualized until the Nigerian youths are taken very seriously. The youth themselves must take their lives (and future) seriously. 

A nation is as hopeless as its youths. A nation is as helpless as its youths. A nation is as creative as its youths. A nation is as clueless as its youths. A nation is as energetic as its youths. The strength of a nation lies in the promise of its youths. The greatness of a nation lies in the potential of its youths. A nation’s destiny is then essentially that charted by the young population. Whatever a nation will be, look no farther than the youth. [Anonymous quote].

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