Thursday, April 6, 2017

The rock side of me

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My Chemical romance stops. ''It’s going to be a Greenday'', I thought to myself. I resolved to make for the Linkin' park across the road; the Doves flee as I rattle the pavement with my foot’s thump. A while ago, my antennae tuned to their song, like Radiohead
The sun creeps in, glowing like Arcade Fire. But it is Africa; there is no Muse by the corner. I’ve honored my exercise routine. Now it is time to attack the day like Foo fighters.
At sundown after rush hour, I balance hard work with Coldplay. In fact, I could use my fine Lady like Kings of Leon…Perhaps, storm  the dance floor as if I’m going to dance till I’m dead (Like Yeah yeah yeahs).

My favorite rock bands were deliberately latched into this narrative. Did you enjoy it? 

Basically, most Nigerians label rock music demonic. I don't agree. I fell in love with this remarkable genre since 2003. Never for a sec did I regret it. Contrary to expectation of my kinsmen, rock music didn’t sink me into the abyss…

The A to Z of rock, including composition, performance, band members, brand, and devout fans, reveal fundamental points worth tons of reflection:

Courage: Rock bands dare to be different. They are plain weird but honest.

Oneness:  They are always together. You will most likely remember the band name, not the name of individual members…

Organization: The sonic weave of every instrument fits into the fabric of the song… 

Discipline: The role of each member is clearly cut and ruthlessly executed to the very last note. They have a penchant for black uniforms and they rehearse like mad. That says a lot! 

Persistence: Uncover the biographies of the best bands on the planet, and you will find that most of them had been performing consistently for over ten years. They have a legendary streak…

Passion: This is pretty self explanatory.

...OK guys, let me fill you in on the rock songs that changed my life: 

Radiohead: Paranoid Android

Radiohead: Creep

Radiohead: Reckoner

Muse: Starlight

Evanescence: Your Star

Doves: The Man who told everything

Coldplay:  Square one

Coldplay: Twisted Logic

Linkin park: Numb  

Foo fighters: Come Alive

System of a Down: Toxicity

Cranberries: Zombie

Yeah yeah yeahs: Heads will roll

Kings of Leon: Use somebody
Arcade Fire: Reflektor

My Chemical romance: Sing
Greenday: Boulevard of broken dreams

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