Thursday, April 27, 2017

Raw Ideas for you to process

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Only a diamond can cut a diamond. [Anonymous quote] 

You survive by instinct; you thrive by training. [Anonymous quote]

There is nothing complex about the rich. They simply handle massive amounts of money with powerful levers.  

Why the wide gap between the rich and poor? …Money is working for few, while majority are working for the money

I don’t value unsolicited advice. Supply without demand is useless.

Save yourself the turmoil. Be indifferent to the indifference of the universe.

The massive victories are the aggregates of the tiny victories. The tiny victories are positive feedback that buoys up confidence.

I constantly remind myself: in attempting to control others, you may lose control of yourself…

Actions determine outcomes, not predictions. There will always be coincidences under the sun, and a dead clock is always correct twice a day.  

You can never have all the answers BUT you can still pass life's test. 70% is still good enough for an A.

It is better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. 

Inconsistency chokes momentum.

There are many whys attached to one how. Which one yields the purple cow?

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