Thursday, April 13, 2017

My health philosophy: Random insights

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Happiness is the purpose of life and a healthy person is a happy person. However, insight nourishes happiness. I believe the fundamentals of healthy living are not as complicated and far-flung as people are made to believe. In fact, they can be understood by anyone. Streamline my humble insights to what works best for you. Different strokes for different folks is good provided impact is similar.


Disease is contrary to nature and can be overcome by anything contrary to disease. Galen’s quote.

I classify diseases into 5 categories: Microinvasive (Infectious), Macroinvasive (Trauma or direct injury), disequilibrium (states of deficiency or excess), Inflammatory, degenerative and programmed (genetic)…

Diseases of microinvasion can be curbed by prevention (good hygiene) and decontamination.

Oftentimes, the sequelae behind the manifestations of these classes of infirmity are beyond our control. 
Fortunately, we can avert them to a large extent. We can control how we respond to them and our choices; that makes a huge difference!    
Prevention is the best form of treatment.

The body is highly interactive and responsive. She talks to us all the time, but the vast majorities of people are too preoccupied to listen.

How we perceive our malady can be the straw that breaks the spine. We assemble and connect the dots of tragedy prematurely. Positive thinking helps in recovery from illness…

Track your health and you will be on track.

It’s sad that in our society today, the lifestyle of people make it near impossible for them to have quality nutrition…

Don’t copy the lifestyle if you lack the wherewithal to handle the consequences. The third world countries are not as medically advanced as the western world, yet we are emulating the latter (fad diet or junk foods, for example). Now, the cancer rates are soaring, obesity and other cardiovascular illnesses is on the rise, yet quality healthcare intervention is not readily available and accessible to everyone. Sad! 

Most chronic diseases are due to bad habit e.g. smoking and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Diseases that took a long time to form and are triggered by numerous risk factors are difficult to untangle. A tree twisted in 30yrs cannot be made straight in a day.  

For a mild chronic condition, for example in type 2 diabetes, lifestyle modification like low calorie diet, fruits, vegetables and exercise is the first line treatment and not medication. 

Medicines taken over a long period of time disrupts the body’s intricate balance e.g. BP controlling drugs. Effect A is the price to pay for effect B.

The nature of the body in physiological state is different from the nature in diseased state.

The sharper the contrast between what is taken in and the body’s chemical makeup, the smaller the dose the body can tolerate.  Note that 60% of you is water, so love water as yourself. You are what you eat; you are not the medicine you take.

Mastery of the psyche is mastery of the body.

Normally, our body has immunity and the capacity to fix itself. That potential is dampened by stress but enhanced by adequate rest (sleep). Rest is a weapon against disease. Give your body sufficient time to recover from the attack of stress.

The body is a very sensitive contraption. Anything that goes in can become medicine, including food. It all depends on dose, timing and targeting. Food/water is medicine with very wide margin of safety. It responds quickly for restoring /preserving the body’s housekeeping functions, although it seems slow in terms of producing a therapeutic effect. Notwithstanding, you are what you eat. However, medicines have relatively narrower margins of safety, and shorter onset for therapeutic effect compared to food. It can easily become poison when used carelessly.

It is good food we need for the whole span of our lives, not drugs.

Food is not meant to be taken as drug, and drug is not meant to be taken as food.

Timing is of the essence. Given sufficient time, food eventually becomes drug and drug eventually becomes poison.

If you live well, you’ll eat well. If you eat well, you will live well.

Don’t give the body what it doesn’t need, as this is the basis for infection, toxicity and obesity.
Don’t demand from the body what it doesn’t have, as this is the basis for trauma, stroke and heart attack.
Giving the body what it doesn’t like over a long period of time is the basis for cancer and inflammatory disorders.

Select your exposures carefully. What happens to your body reflects what is happening: what goes into your tummy, what diffuses into your lungs, and what touches your skin; the thoughts that form in your head by reason of the signals that enter through the sense organs…

You look like what you eat; you also look like your thoughts. 

Never give the body foods it cannot digest or drugs it cannot detoxify or eliminate.

Optimum mobility is continuity. What you fail to use, you will lose: it is called atrophy. Exercise is key!

To sacrifice health for any kind of happiness is the greatest of follies. Wise sayings

 Drink life to the lees…

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