Saturday, February 11, 2017

Fixing Nigeria

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The apparent chain seem unending: Lack of clear focus, thwarted value orientation, weak institutional framework, policy somersault, leaky public purse, economic uncertainty, social insecurity, impunity, low morale of average citizen, dampened investor confidence, inordinate craving for foreign content... then dipping Naira value and recession...

If we just sit there crying fowl and doing nothing..., the above vicious loop would persist. The countries that got it right would keep advancing in all ramifications at our expense (so to speak). They will never shed a tear or wait for us to catch up. 

There are good people in this country. They are doing great things in their subtle ways. Many of us (including outsiders) get the impression that our beloved country is hopeless. This is because the rusty empty vessels are making the loudest noise.

Things would change for the better once the right people are adopting the right approach for the right purpose in the right positions at the right time.
America will never fix Nigeria. UN will never fix Nigeria. IMF and World Bank will never fix Nigeria. IT IS ONLY NIGERIANS THAT CAN FIX NIGERIA. If we get our acts right, the whole world would identify with our progress...


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