Friday, February 10, 2017


tolls, sing, chord

Agony of labor; jolly tears
Vocal strings; drawing tense
The baby boy is ushered in
To sing like a Human being

As an infant
I had a mind slippery to touch
Memories fell behind
But mother’s love stuck

I gazed into the starry night
While playing and asking
Bemused by human rites
…That seems forever contrasting

Awareness grew with me
In ecstasy’s crest and misery’s trough 
I’ve had enough
For this is who I want to be

The stage seems set
I mount in giddy steps;
The clock is ticking
As I find my pitch and rhythm

The bell rings
Discordant tolls superpose
Amid the audience
I filter my friends and foes

A thinker in me learns
To listen to the hearts dub,
And to dispense drugs…
For myself and clients

First and foremost
My mind metamorphosed
To think and roam free
Outside the cocoon of conformity

And now I am on my own
Along that golden but lonely road
Shedding my own toll; playing my humble role
To uplift someone and buoy my soul

I will never forget where I come from:
The sequence of ruins… Toils…and dreams
And I’m forever reminded of… My exotic family
That strikes a chord in my head…continually

My echo swells in space
… Inspired by tension
And resonance with great mien
It summons the dejected child in orphanage
To become the sage of our age
It alleviates the burden of disease
Like silvery magic pills

I did my bit and I’m happy with it
The chime will cease with the frailty of old age
And my presence will recede as I exit the whole stage

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