Monday, September 5, 2016

SS (A Poem)

  The twilight for the new moon hangs outside
Marking the New Year festival in my village
   In the town hall, the locals jubilate
Inside: the forbidden child is stricken with crisis

  Men and women intoxicate themselves in the dark;
The celestial bulb in short circuit with the sun
  Up there: space hacks out as fraction of the moons surface
In there… a sickle cell hacks away a child's tissue
  On a deserted place Tep made abode
On a depleted blood he would wrestle
The plague of painful episode
That came alongside a blocked vessel
  Live cells once made their orbit within these veins;
Weakened cells left him in severe pains
  Veins remain, but contents sickle…
Sagging out for what appears to be a shortened life
   Phases of the moon ago
Before my expulsion from school
My best friend announced before my peers
‘Arben is the sickler!'
  I had a mind that overshadowed my weaker frame…
It is unfair my teacher would yell ‘SS' to my name

  Few years have gone past
Arben has lived his dreams at last:
A man in white overrun
And a stethoscope hooked around his neck
 After all said and done
He survived age twenty-one
  A case landed gracefully into his noble hands
Involving a boy tender by age
  He turned out to be the ‘Tep'
Suffering from sickle cell disease… critical stage!
  The expert on gene replacement therapy
Performed his art, and administered his remedy
   … In the molecular world became a clear ultimatum:
By the twenty-seventh day
SS would revert to normal again
  Minutes to midnight
The full moon dominates the celestial dome
  Tep lies beside Arben in his new home;
The moonlight flooding the silent world outside
  The tissues of the little boy equally flooded with life
That runs in normal blood
On the inside  
  Analogy knits the moon with a blood cell
For the Tep who aspires to become the world's boon
  And once again the celestial clock has kept her tab
New moon…Arben: stigmatized kid in school;
Full moon…now chief of the medical lab
That has drawn a lifeline
For those living with sickle cell disease
In my village...

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