Thursday, July 28, 2016

Beautiful robot

Earth is a global village

There everything seem to have

Wings and compasses

Diseases deemed rigid joins the fray

Yeah, humans seem to be held hostage

Mentally ill, I’m deemed to be

Hometown_ a place where I should lay still

But here and there I roam…

Usually, life’s doses are taken in serious mien

‘How does this work?’ I asked the physician _

…A smiley dummy of tablets I was making

Vividi, painted in dark and grey

An alien world far away

Solar money in quanta of x-ray

Yeah matter and energy work and play in

The violent end of the spectrum…

Swift thy entropy, spontaneous thy reactivity

Yet Randolf is the type

Ordered and stable as life…

A rimmed globe it is_ teeming dome

Everything seem to wield either

Space missile or time probe…

Human invaders (maybe black holes) join the fray

Randolf: in exile, or at home 

Cutting edge anatomy; rudimentary technology

Flesh and blood diffuse

Skin and skeleton fuse

To produce a being

With neither bolts nor screws…

Nerves and vessels take their queues_

Fibrillize into optic fibres in disguise…

His fluorescent physique can be seen with naked eyes

Nerves and vessels have no place to hide

Many pieces assemble

Into a fine and compact figure

Dotted with several sensors

Like a tower with many windows…

On top there is an organ

That makes it close to human

It coordinates ‘piece’ and ‘sense’

As ‘radar’ and ‘ansible’

Yeah any range of motion, degree of perception

Is possible!

A six-foot marvel emerges from nowhere

Its science_ open to anyone who dares to unravel

Borne by construction with chromosome loci or

The foam of some fuzzy set theory…

It is a robot_ anybody can tell with a thin chance

But who can tell it is

An epitome of intelligence_ a war machine…

Frozen like statue

No one knows what it can do

Welcome to the future:

Teletransportation; quantum tunnel; swapping axioms

Of time-space, and macroscopic frequency duplication

Everyone knows ‘anything can be switched for anything’

Objects disappear into thin air

Then appear somewhere…

You can quantize intrinsic extensions of every object

Across time and space …then freeze…

Ironically, Randolf has the keys to this technology_

But he was once the guinea pig!

The foremost but discreet research facility

Was planted on African soil

It harboured top scientists

Particularly molecular biologists, modern physicists

They have devoted their toil

To playing around with any apparatus fathomable

However their contact with the wild child

Paved the way for an episode memorable …

They gave their disjointed word to the troubled father

Who thought it would turn ether to manna …

Parental hold withdrawn for the hands in white gloves

What hands will do, it seems everyone knows…

As time and space unfolds

An elaborate plan unwinds:

Terabytes of infinitesimal characters

Transferred into 46 chromosomes at once…

Chromosome Specific Quantum Resonance it is

Likened to the way the AIDS virus

Reflects its identity on human canvas….

…Not meant to uncouple Down’s syndrome, rather

To transform a human into an ET humanoid_

Bound to vanish into thin air

Then appear somewhere

A fundamental blunder stills the party

‘No one knows where the ET goes’

In distress they fleet and ponder

What has become of their plunder?

Their cover was blown

But they hone sanctions from Africa…

In pains, father mourns son

From ruins Africa marches on_

Not to remain the same if

Randolf will ever return …

The governments of developed nations

Ask the distressed researchers

To disappear altogether to wherever

Then appear again with proof of breakthrough_

Military backup was given… in case they meet aliens…

They would return 46 days later…  

This coincides with the conference of world leaders…

Monitored by the global population

A quantum tunnel generated in the auditorium

While a head of state mounts the podium…

Suddenly perturbations sweep the arena

Amidst heated deliberations, a scarred robot emerges

Two more linger…

Leaders mumble inside, the world grumbles outside  

Then the quantum tunnel crumbles…

Three robot ‘enter’ to one as

Reverberating notes coalesce into an echo:

                African- I- Am!

The sound was hollow, the sight that followed

Fierce and deathly… then tears trickled down

Father mourns son no more

Both are united in fun galore

But Randolf isn’t bound to Down’s syndrome anymore_

Its wings clipped; compass uncoupled…

Human degrees of freedom increases

Though still flying… some diseases:

In Africa though, everyone has a bow and arrow

Aimed skywards to fire…

Yeah a teeming dome it is_ indigene laden

Premium research facilities… sprouting everywhere

Now I’ve cut a scene

In the film of world’s defining moments

To part forever with the smiley dummy of tablets

Beside father I lay

He asked: what does life mean to you? _

I saw myself frozen like statue;

Space hunters at the verge of pouncing on me

Suddenly into three identical beings I translated

Each uncoupled them in a swift vicious streak…

Then I remembered Vividi melt away as

I tumbled homeward in a quantum tunnel…

Roused from sleep by a walking stick

I muttered... ‘Life is… animated logic’…

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